Habitat for Humanity Logo appears in the article Apartment Renovations Benefit Charity

Leinbach Company Renovates Apartments

During the past 4 years, the Leinbach Company has completely renovated 6 of their apartment communities.  They are now working on 4 more.  The interior renovations include stainless appliances, brushed nickel faucets, light fixtures and hardware throughout.  Additionally, the installation of new faux wood flooring in most 1st floor apartment homes is proving to be a desirable feature.  It appears that this project has been extremely popular and residents enjoy the transformation.  The result is an apartment home with a sleek modern design.

The company will continue with renovations until all of the existing communities have been either partially or completed renovated.  Because of this, the older apartment communities, some built in the late 60’s and early 70’s, are especially benefiting from the program.  Most important, Leinbach feels that the improvements are important to maintain the value of their properties.

Habitat for Humanity Benefits from Apartment Renovations

The real Win-Win in the situation is that all the functional light fixtures, faucets and appliances are being donated to Habitat for Humanity.  This is happening in Tulsa, Oklahoma City and Lexington Kentucky.  Most noteworthy, Habitat for Humanity has received over $500,000 worth of appliances and fixtures from the Leinbach Company.  These items are placed in their resale stores and Habitat has reported the items sell very quickly.  Consequently, the proceeds from these donations have made a significant impact on their revenue.

Visit the Habitat for Humanity site at www.tulsahabitat.org/restore/.