Crown Village at Elm Ridge Opens Soon!

Courtyard of Crown Village at Elm Ridge Apartments showing the resort style pool, veggie garden and pickle ball court.
Courtyard of Crown Village at Elm Ridge Apartments

You can call the newly opened Crown Village at Elm Ridge Apartments innovative, exciting, high tech, and even artistic. As a result, the best thing about Crown Village is that it offers comfortable living.

All those descriptions would be fine with developer Ed Leinbach.

The $24 million development is located near the intersection of Elm Ave. and East 51st St. South.  It is the first apartment complex in Oklahoma to have high tech keyless door access for the residents and it offers additional amenities no other complex has to offer.

“We see Broken Arrow as the most vibrant and evolving market in the Tulsa area,” said Leinbach. “In addition to our standard amenity package, the most exciting new feature is using VingCard keyless system. It’s the same as keyless entries used by the Four Seasons hotels, Wynn Resorts, Disneyworld and others.”

Innovative Planning

Most noteworthy, innovative planning offers high tech features that are new to this Industry including elevators and unique keyless entry systems also,  a highly popular location.

“Safety is a big focus at Crown Village.  We are investing nearly eight times more per door for locks than other apartment developers,” Leinbach said. “The residents will each be given a single key FOB for keyless entry as well as the entry gate and gym.”

The apartment complex had a quiet opening last October, but finally made it official recently as the new Pickleball court was being completed.

“I am very pleased that the Leinbach Company chose Broken Arrow for this amazing development because, it gives our residents another choice for good living and the security features are remarkable. This property is a positive addition to our city,” said Mayor Craig Thurmond.

This is an excerpt from a Tulsa World Article By John Ferguson, News Editor, published on Mar 8, 2015.

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