New Broken Arrow Apartments to feature Elevators

A construction lift machine works on a new apartment building at Crown Village at Elm Ridge
Construction Continues

The new development will feature keyless entry.  The feature is more expensive, but Crown Village’s developer notes the convenience.   Ed Leinbach has a habit of putting nontraditional features in his apartment developments.

Village at Crown Woods in Tulsa opened last year with elevator access, and Leinbach said it was a big success.  The complex is more than 95 percent occupied.

Elevators will also feature in his next project, Crown Village at Elm Ridge.  It will be located just southeast of Elm Place and Omaha Street in Broken Arrow.

 Elm Ridge will also feature Keyless Entry

But the $24 million, 272-unit complex which is the 14th developed by Tulsa-based Leinbach Company.  Leinbach builds in the metro area and other cities such as Oklahoma City and Lexington, Ky.   Elm Ridge will have its own special amenity when it opens in mid-April: keyless door entry.

In fact, Crown Village may be the first large-scale apartment facility in the Tulsa area with the feature.

Although similar keyless entry technology is common in hotels, it’s not typically used in apartments because of the expense. Leinbach said that’s still the case, as each locking system will cost $250 per door rather than $25 for traditional key entry, but he explained that cost isn’t his motivation.

“It’s not that the price is coming down,” Leinbach said. “We’re just hoping to deliver features that aren’t already in the market.”

The door locks are opened with a key fob that can also be used to open the apartment’s gate and gain access to the gym, pool and other areas. Additionally, the fobs and locks can be instantly cleared or paired with a different door, which eliminates the need to physically change the locks after tenants move out, and it makes it easier for residents who lose their fobs.

An excerpt from a Tulsa World Article By ROBERT EVATT World Business Writer Dec 21, 2013.  To see the full article, click HERE