Uplifting amenity: elevators a popular draw

New apartment complexes generally have a number of amenities to attract renters.  These include meeting rooms, pools, fitness centers and so on.  The Village at Crown Woods, however, is offering something a little different for a non-high-rise in Tulsa – elevators.

The $11 million, four-story, 128-unit property at 93rd Street and Delaware Avenue has been signing tenants for three weeks.  The construction details are still being wrapped up, but the owner says the complex is already 62 percent leased.

“I’ve never seen a new set of apartments fill up so fast,” said Ed Leinbach, owner of Leinbach Co. and builder of The Village.

The fill-up rate is especially surprising because the company hasn’t advertised other than putting up banners, he said.

From what he’s been hearing from tenants, the two elevators on each end of the property are a big draw for those who either can’t or won’t climb up to three flights of stairs, especially considering most apartments that aren’t high-rises don’t have elevators.

“You’re no longer obligated to live in the first floor if you’re older or on crutches,” Leinbach said.

Leinbach Co. now manages 4,000 apartment units in the Tulsa area and has built approximately 950 of them.

The design includes covered walkways

Even though The Village is technically an expansion to Crown Woods next door, Leinbach decided to go with a completely different design that doesn’t stop with the elevators.

The most obvious element is the covered walkways that extend the entire length of the building on all four floors. That helps residents get out of the rain faster, but it presented a design challenge.

“Like the old Holiday Inns, we wanted a central area with branching wings, but we didn’t want it to look like a Holiday Inn,” Leinbach said.

The solution was to make each walkway gently wind as it passes by each unit.  Walkways will showcase frequent alcoves that will be filled with plants or art. The goal is to make residents feel at home the moment they enter the walkways, Leinbach said.

Other touches include flat white reflective roofs to cut down on heat, insulated aluminum windows, large kitchens.  In some units, electrical outlets with built-in USB ports.

An excerpt from a Tulsa World Article by ROBERT EVATT World Staff Writer Jul 19, 2012.  To see the full Article click HERE